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Haderslev Cathedral's Girls Choir is recognised as one of the leading girl's choirs in Denmark.

During the last five years, the choir has toured in France, Slovakia, Belgium, Norway, Israel/Palestine and Sweden.

They've released 4 CD's (listen here), partially with South Denmark Philharmonic, with whom they perform on regular occasions.

The choir sings some 25 performances a year - concerts and events all over Denmark and abroad - not to mention services in Haderslev Cathedral.

Consisting of 45 girls aged 12 - 20, the sound is grand and sonorous, but with warm and subtle timbre. The repertoire is founded on classical pieces and Danish hyms, yet with an attentive eye on newer church music from the 21. century. For example, the choir in 2017 premiered the work "Fem Kristus-ord" by Christian Præstholm, commissioned by the ensemble, and also did a live-recording of Kim André Arnesens work from 2010,  "Magnificat" (buy here).


The choir has featured on Danish national television in 2015 and 2017.

Thomas Berg-Juul has conducted the choir since 2012. 

Please, don't hesitate to contact us here.

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